Hello, my name is Ludwig Keck – I am a photo enthusiast, avid computer user, and love sharing what I know. I also love to “play” with photos, that means photo manipulations of various kinds. It is these creations that find their way to this blog. I keep other sites, separate blogs, for different things. My “gateway” at the bottom of this page allows you access to the various parts of my “mansion in the sky”.

There have been many changes here in the five years this site has been in existence, even more in my work. Right now there is a major redo going on in the background. Many old pages are no longer accessible while they are being “re-hung”.

WordPress provides “categories”, and “tags”. I am redoing those an adding menu links to find posts of similar styles. My latest is “A-Major” – the category is on the menu, the detailed explanations are not yet up.

A bit of my background:

My working career was as an engineer in electronics, programming, photographic products, toys, instruments and defense products. Mostly I worked where electronics, programming and photography came together. I started taking pictures some sixty years ago and wrote my first computer program in 1956.

I am an engineer, not an artist, my photography is strictly for personal enjoyment, although I like to shoot images that I can use as teaching material – good and bad.

Now retired, I enjoy teaching seniors to use their computers and cameras to the fullest. To this end I have written several books. Some of them are available publicly.

I keep several blogs, all for sharing tips, ideas, images, and websites with personal galleries.

The gateway to my places is Café Ludwig

One thought on “About

  1. You’ll probably resent me for this, but this is my favorite site of yours (so far) so I nominated it for the Liebster Award. I hope other quilters can find the inspiration that I do from both your pictures and graphics. I also put it on a Facebook group called Quilt Design A Day (QDAD) for their inspiration.

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